Kevin J Simington is a highly acclaimed writer whose fiction and non-fiction books have been lauded for their intelligence, wit and captivating writing style. He is a sought after keynote speaker who regularly speaks at conferences in the areas of philosophy, science and apologetics. He also writes for several magazines.

Kevin lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, and has a wide range of interests. These include squash (he’s pretty good), running (he’s very fit), golf (he’s very bad), surfing (he thinks he’s pretty good, so let’s not spoil his fantasy), bike riding, tennis and music (he plays guitar in a covers rock band). He lives on a small farm (55 acres) with his wife and his daughter and her family. Together they have 1 cat, 3 dogs, 6 sheep, 10 pigs, 12 ducks, 100 cattle, 1,800 chickens and 1 horse. Kevin’s main contribution to farm work is patting the horse and the dogs.

Kevin has been an avid science fiction reader for over 40 years and cut his teeth reading the classics – Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith, Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K Dick, Orson Scott Card and many others. He has a passionate interest in cosmology and astrophysics, and is still waiting for NASA to call him up to join the astronaut program.

After working for many years as a teacher and lecturer, in 2016 he quit to become a full-time writer, and soon published three very successful non-fiction books in the areas of philosophy, theology and apologetics. In 2019 he turned his hand to his long-held passion of science fiction, and the StarPath trilogy was born. Kevin has a fun-loving, laconic nature, and this comes through in his writing. His books are written with wit and warmth, and his characters are bursting with personality.